Installing new zipclip on my XP PC

I see why people buy ipods.  I bought the ZipClip because of good reviews and a good price.  It said it worked on XP OS’s, but I have a few hours and several service emails and chats to SanDisk, and I STILL CAN’T DOWNLOAD ONE SIMPLE SONG (that I bought from iTunes).  My PC wasn’t recognizing the ZipClip, and the instructions didn’t help much.  It said nothing about running the Installer; their mini-CD includes both the Installer and some Rapsody program that you finally find out that you have to buy.

When, with the help of the chat line, I finally got the PC to recognize the ZipClip, they said to follow the instructions to download a song.  I got both the iTunes song list AND the Sansa folders on My Computer, on the screen.  But when I selected a song and tried to drag it over, it doesn’t show up.  The instructions say it only works for MP3?) format, and it doesn’t tell on the iTunes ‘About’ what kind of file the songs are recorded in.

I want to download songs, albums, and an occasional book in MP3 format.  If it takes me this many hours to download one song, will I ever be able to use this device without a lot of frustration.


Did you copy that song over to “Music” folder on the Clip Zip?
The Clip Zip supports the AAC format which iTunes uses, so there shouldn’t be a problem with playing a song purchased from iTunes.

And by the way, there is no “Installer” for the Clips–that’s how wonderful they are, no special software is needed.  The CD disc (which sometimes comes with the player, and sometimes not) contains a trial of the separate Rhapsody subscription service (not needed for the Clips), plus, I think, a copy of the Clip manual (available at the top of the forum here) and software for the optional Sansa “Updater,” which will alert you, if installed, if a new firmware for the player has come out (many of us feel that it’s a waste of computer resources to use the Updater, especially where, as here, it is unlikely that a new firmware will be coming out for the Clip).

Apple products often can impose difficulties wth non-Apple devices (imagine that, Apple not making this easy–I wonder why . . .).  The Clips play just fine with Windows (including Windows XP).  In my expereince, the very easiest way to get tunes onto the Clip is simply to copy and paste them (or drag and drop them) from where they are located on your computer into the folders (such as the Music folder) on your Clip, just like copying and pasting a file from one folder on your computer into another.

One last (unfortunate) thing (and sorry):  despite what SanDisk says, the Clip Zip does not accept ALL aac formatted files–some that are recorded under certain parameters can be difficult for the Clip Zip player.