Installed recommende new firmware, now player won't turn on....Help please

I downloaded this and now my player won’t turn on.

It was installed on the player and shut down like its supposed to, but i have not been able to turn it on since.

The 20 seconds thing doesnt work, please help.

The computer recognises the sansa and im able to drag and drop stuff onto it.

It was working fine before I put the new firmware on it, I just wanted to improve the shuffle mode, which was always the exact same “shufling” order.

The firmware update file you downloaded should have the name “upgrade.hex”.  Make sure it is the upgrade that is specific to the Clip Jam player.  You should use Windows File Explorer to drag (or paste) the upgrade.hex file into the root directory of the internal memory of the player (not into any sudirectory) (and not into the micro SD card).

I do not think the 1.15 upgrade will change the shuffle capability of the player.  You could try Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Artists, Shuffle Albums for possible variations.

Working now, thank you very much dude!

I could have sworn I read here that this new firmware fiixes the shuffle problem.

Meh, I’ll live with it, better than no player at all.