installation process gave no option not to encrypt.

When I installed the SSD the only option was to give a password and use the “vault”. I was not planning on that. I just wanted storage.   Is that the only way??  If possible I would like to start over and just use a generic non-encrypted option, and I didn’t see that.  I was using a laptop running on Windows 10.   thanks.

secureaccess is the encryption application. it does not have to be used. you can simply delete it. Once that is deleted you can use this as any other removable drive. A drive letter will appear on in windows explorer and you can just drag and drop or copy paste data to that drive. 

Secure access is very stupid, is there any option for not to encrypt?  I just need a password to lock the flash drive.

no there is no option for just password. you could look online for some application that may provide that function but sandisk only offers secureaccess for password protection.