Index troubles

I can’t be the only going through this can I?

I have an 8gig external microSDHC card. Both the internal and external are pretty full. I do not use playlists but store full albums to my Fuze using Windows Media Player 11 with a pc running Vista. Unusual things are happening when I have needed to tweak an albums info. The indexing of the Fuze seems to have trouble if you remove albums and re-add or have edited the album/artist information… espcially troubling with material on the external card.

The music and album info APPEAR to be on the device when looking at the folders in   the explore function (looking at files on and attached to your pc) and even when looking at the contents of the cards with in Windows Media Player.

These just won’t appear again on the album or artists or even song index …so you can’t play 'em! I have done most everything including deleting the files on the pc then the Fuze reformating the external card then reripping the albums to WMP and re syncing the whole card including the reripped ablums…still they do not show up!

I can only assume that there is some software issue within the device itself that has a problem organizing the internal and external indexes when items are deleted.  

This has happened twice. The first time I reformated both memories (sic?) and re synced everything once I tweaked my WMP databases/folders t0 be just as I needed them.  That took care of the problem. I thought that problem occurred because some albums by the same artist were on both internal and external memory. When I reworked things and had all the albums of the artist on the same (in this case external) card everything was fine.)

This time all the albums are on the external card…so I’m thinking there is some indexing info stored on the internal card that can’t be accessed after deleting albums from the external…and then readding…sigh…

Please tell me I’m not alone…with this problem…

My only suggestion to people is…if using WMP 11…make sure your album (album art, track names, contributing artist [this is what the Fuze uses to add to your artist list], genre) info is exactly as you like it before you rip it and then sync it tweaking it while it is ripping might be too late it tends to act goofy also…    

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As I matter of fact I have a similar problem. Both internal and external memory contain a lot of albums (in folders). Upon adding a new album information of an old album disappears (sometimes some of the songs, sometimes the complete album). After deleting the new album from the fuse the old album reappears again. I think it has something to do with long file names (this happens when you place your music in folders within folders etc.). It seems like the song database reaches some kind of limit within any notification. I only add music to the fuse with normal drag en drop functionality of windows.