Incomplete lists

I am using a 32GB external drive. For some reason, only about 2/3rds of the files are visible in play lists.  Is there a limit to the number of names? Or is there some solution I am missing?

In the current Clip Sport FW (1.36) the Music databases are limited to 2000 objects internal and 2000 objects external.

You can find the 2015 beta FW version 1.28 at this weblink. This FW version allows 4000 objects in the internal and external Music databases.

FW version 1.28 was withdrawn by SanDisk in January 2016 due to complaints from many Clip Sport users. The way they got to 4000 files was by reducing the amount of characters each field sorts on. For example in all other FW versions, song titles and album titles are sorted using up to 14 characters. In FW 1.28 that is reduced to 8 characters. This reduction in the characters FW 1.28 uses for file sorting caused issues for some users. So SanDisk made a decision to leave the database at 2000 in order to sort files using more characters in future versions of the FW.

You can also try using FOLDER mode with your 32 gb external micro SD card. There are a variety of interesting limitations using this mode. But you will be able to access all your music files and folders.