MAximum files in folder mode

What is the number of maximum files in order mode the Clip Sport can show?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I want to know if there is a limitation of maximum files in one folder in the folder mode?! Or maybe a limitation of files in general in the folder mode. Thank you.

I think there is not a limitation of maximum files in one folder using "Folder Mode’.

   In my opinion, Folder Mode has a few problems.

   1. The player does not provide any alpha-numeric sorting of files in Folder Mode. The player displays the order the files were added.

   2. The player does not display characters beyond 16 (or so). You may have challenges finding & selecting files with common titles within the first 16 characters.

I prefer to use Playlists (m3u text files).  Playlists provide the benefit of unlimited files AND you can pre-arrange the file sequence. This Forum is loaded with discussions of Playlists.  Maybe try a quick search and decide to make the effort?

Write back here if  you want a few suggestions.

Design Limitations:
• Maximum database size supported is now 2000 objects for internal memory and 2000 objects for external memorys

Earlier on the maximum database size was 4000 objects (maybe a beta release of the firmware), but was later on reduced to 2000 objects.
I remember having more than 2000 objects on my Clip sport at one time before I knew this and at that time not knowing why some songs or audiobook files would not show up.
This problem affected all playing modes as I remember it.

The database limitations (2000 files in internal Music database, 2000 files in external Music database) does not have any effect on Folder Mode or Playlist Mode.  I think these modes are not file limited.

The firmware version you are citing was FW 1.28 (beta). It was withdrawn after 5 months (?) in early 2016. 

I saved it for myself and installed in all my 4 Clip Sports (the 2014 version, non-GO, non-Plus)

 (still using it, never upgraded beyond 1.28)

You can read about FW 1.28 (and download it) at this web-link.