Imported Music Does Not Display

I recently transferred music to my player from my PC. However, the music is not on the player. Yet, the storage space was reduced. Any suggestions are appreciated.

The Sansa only displays the formats that it plays. If you transferred iTunes files that are m4a, it doesn’t play those. It plays mp3, wma and flac. 

If your music library is m4a files from iTunes, all is not lost. You can highlight the files in iTunes, right-click on them and Create mp3 version. Then find the mp3s and transfer those over to the Sansa.

Also, do note:  if you transfer files to the player under one USB mode and later connect to the computer under the other USB mode, the comuter will not show that earlier-added music–your computer will only show the files on the Clip that were added using the USB mode that the Clip then is connected to the computer under (MSC or MTP).  A good reason to avoid the “Auto” USB mode, which invisibly may switch between USB modes.