If you're computer won't boot ...

I just spent the last four hours trying to “fix” one of our computers which wouldn’t boot when restarting. After numerous attempts and even partially re-installing windows, I realized that the problem was simply that I had tried to reboot with the SansaFuze plugged into the USB port (it had been recharging).  My computer boot setup listed the SansaFuse as one of the boot options and the computer was trying to boot off of the device!

I’m posting this just in case something weird like this happens with your computer, check to make sure your Fuze is not plugged in while rebooting!


Yah, this happened to me.

Hmm, now that you mention it, I’m wondering if the Fuze can take a bootloader, something like grub4dos, and be used as a boot-up recovery disk. Since it’s just a USB drive in MSC, it should work.