Iexpand not recognized

I bought this 32gig iexpand and used it a few times with my 4th gen iPad with iOS 7.x. Worked fine.

have not used it in a while.

my iPad is still iOS 7.1.1

I plugged the iexpand into my laptop for a while. It has a steady green light.

i plugged it into my iPad, and it loaded the app. It imeadiately demanded I update the firmware.

after that it did not work any more.

i have updated my iexpand app to the latest now.

i try to update the firmware to the latest, but it tells me it fails.

i seem in an endless loop.

often it tells me it can’t see the iexpand, but sometimes it seems like it does for a while anyhow.

when I try to sync my photos, it tells me I need to allow access from the General screen. I say yes, and it drops me to the iPad window, nothing is open.

If I go to the General page in Settings, the iexpand app is not listed anywhere in the list of apps?

i feel I am caught in some strange loop of conflicting software and firmware versions, and ih can’t make any head ways.

my goal was to use the iexpand to clean out my photos and movies and then upgrade my iOS version; but can’t get anywhere now?


Finally found, it reports I have versions:

App version 1.6.4

Drive firmware version 4.4.8

as mentioned, I am on an iPad 4th gen iOS 7.1.1

i have no idea what versions I started with, or why it needed to update anything, it had been working back when I bought it.



to give access to your photos for the ixpand app go to settings > privacy > photos and make sure you have allowed iXpand Sync access. 

That helped it some, thanks.