ID3v1 vs ID3v2 ?


I have my entire mp3 collection tagged with ID3 v1 and I’ve noticed my Fuze does not recognize all songs under the same genre, could be that the reason?

Other question, when I write the ID3 v2, I can write the genre (not only the ones that appear in the list) , the fuze is able to recognize this?

Thank you

To the best of my knowledge, there have been some issues using ID3v1 tags with the Fuze.  Generally it should work fine but there are cases where it doesn’t recognize it properly.

You should use ID3v2.3 ISO format.

Yes, if you write in a genre using ID3v2 tags it will show up correctly on your Fuze.  I have my music organized in various genres (Anglophone, Francophone, etc) to help me nagivate through it.  The Fuze will recognize the genres no problem, even if you write them in yourself.