ID3 tag problem with my Fuze.

I’ve talked about this in another topic but I figured I’d have better luck asking in my own topic.  So here it goes.

Let’s start with my problem.  I understand that the Fuze uses ID3 tags to display song information.  My problem is that my fuze is cutting off the song titles, albums, and artist names.  It’s like if it was displaying ID3v1 tags instead of ID3v2 tags. 

I have the latest firmware installed on my fuze.  I use Winamp to tag my songs. 

I have all ID3v1 tags disabled, only ID3v2 tags.  I copy and paste my music on my fuze in MSC mode. 

So my question is why isn’t my fuze showing the full ID3v2 tags?  Why are the titles, album names and artist names being cut off?  Another member of these boards says he doesn’t have this problem and he’s doing the same thing I’m doing.  

So no one has any idea why my Fuze cuts off song titles?