ID3 tag help! unknown artist and album

I just got my clip+ earlier today and began loading my music onto it from iTunes.  However, the album and artist name all came up as unknown.  The tags were ID3 v 2.2, and I read here on the forum that the clip+ needs ID3 v2.3, so I converted it…to no success.  I also understand that it cannot read ID3 v2.4.

Any ideas?

Did you convert using iTunes or with some other software?

And did your converter claim to be generating ID3v2.3 tags?

If you have Windows, I’d recommend using mp3tag to check what’s actually in your tags and possibly correct them.

If you’re on Mac only, I couldn’t say what tool is as good as MP3Tag. Sorry.

I’m not too familiar with the differences betwen v2.2, v2.3 and v2.4, or the way iTunes implements them, but this page might explain some iTunes quirks.

When I’ve had tag issues in the past, a simple re-save of the files under MP3Tag has remedied matters.

I did the converstion with iTunes, and it said that I converted to v2.3.  I also used mp3tag, which confirmed the converstion.  Can mp3tag be used to change the id3 format? I don’t see an option for it, but it seems to be what you are implying.

changed the clip+ to MSC mode, and that seems to have fixed it.  thanks all.

Switching to MSC mode seems to fix a lot of problems. :smiley:

MTP is the default so that DRM-encumbered files from Rhapsody and Audible will work, but for plain old MP3s, MSC will prevent headaches.