Clip+ Mac Artist/Album Troubles

Hey guys.

You probably get asked dumb questions like this all the time.

But i’d be chuffed if you helped me out. :slight_smile:

My ‘Clip+’ is recognised by my macbook.

And i can upload songs onto it.

BUT i cant get them to organise in to artist/ albums

e.g. Music -> Beastie Boys -> Licensed To Ill -> (songs)

They all just show up in a list. Under ‘Unknown’. 

Is there a simple solution? Or am i just doing it wrong? 

ALSO my memory seems to have gone down drastically,

even with no media on the player.

Any ideas? I don’t want to buy an ipod again :frowning:


If they are all under ‘Unknown’ it means your Clip+ cannot read the ID3 tags. Are the songs in .mp3 format? In Windows, MP3Tag is a great little tag editor, but I’m not sure what you’d use on the Mac. It could be that if you converted the songs in iTunes, the tags did not covert to the format that the Sansa line of players like, ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1.

Alternatively, you can also scroll down the list in the Music menu and use the Folders option. Then you should be able to see them as you do on your computer.