I Need a New Battery for Clip 2 Gb

The battery of my Sansa Clip 2Gb no longer holds a charge.
I’ve seen Youtube Vids of batteries being replaced in other Sansa models and I’ve opened the case in order to replace the battery but I’m having trouble obtaining a replacement - has anyone done this and found a suitable replacement battery?

What numbers are written on the battery?
On the clip+ If I’m not mistaken the code is 323036p. I had the same issue. I wasn’t feeling like dropping $17 for 1 new battery off eBay. The problem is that the battery is a non standard size.
The battery code can be broken down like this: 32 30 36. These numbers are the dimensions of the battery. Properly read it’s 3.2mm thick, 30mm wide, 36mm long. I don’t know if this is the maximum size battery that will fit in the case, but I didn’t risk buying a bigger one. I bought a lot of 10 batteries size 303035 for $17.25 + $0.99 shipping. They are a tiny bit smaller, but it says the capacity is 300mah, which is the same if not a tiny bit more. I haven’t received to test them yet as they are coming from China, but I will definitely discharge test them on arrival.
if you don’t need 10 like I do, I’m sure you can find a listing for cheaper, this was just the most cost effective listing.


The numbers on the battery are 363830 - I measured the battery and it is 38mm x 30mm x 3.6mm with 3 connecting wires Red Blue Black
other info on the battery:
+3.7V ATL-
Finding a replacement is proving difficult.
Thanks for your help

Hi Mike, the blue wire isn’t necessary to connect. people who have replaced the original 3 wire battery with a battery with only 2 wires have said it works fine. The biggest issue is finding the correctly sized battery. Like I said earlier, it’s a very weird size. If you are willing to replace it with one that’s a different size, you can find one for about under $10. The only one I could find that would fit your player was one sized 303040. It is .2mm longer on one end and .6mm thinner, but it should fit just fine. The terminals on your battery are on the long end, on this one, they are on the shorter end. That’s fine as the wiring will reach the solder joints.
Search eBay for 174295140540 to find the 303040 battery for $9. If you want to save a bit more, you can order the same battery from China, but of course, there will be a few week delay.

Hi Victor,
Thanks for that info.
The Ebay code works on the US site - but I’m in the UK and it doesn’t work on UK site.
Interesting what you say about the wiring.
I’ll certainly search for some different sizes now and see what comes up.
Thanks again.

Thanks Victor
I did find a UK source for a replacement battery for my Sansa Clip original 2Gb.
eBay item number: 254533192754
It is 303040 and can be made to fit by squashing it a little on the 40mm side.
Thanks to your info that the blue wire can be ignored, I soldered the red and black and the player is working perfectly once more.
Many thanks again.

That’s awesome! Glad I could help out.
Victor K