Battery for Sandisk 2gig Sansa Clip

Since I now own a Sandisk 2gb Sansa Clip that needs a battery and cannot get from your company, what would you suggest that I do for a replacement? I have owned several sandisk products and never had a problem until now.

Please advise.

  1. Please post in the correct forum. This one is for Announcements from the Admin, or that are relevant to the forum or concern everyone that visits here. A more appropriate place to post would be in the Sansa Clip | Clip+ board. However (and more to your question) see #2.
  2. Recycle your Clip responsibly and buy another one. While some have hacked an iPod Shuffle (I think) battery somewhat sucessfully, there is no replacement battery made supecifically for this player, not is it designed for a user to do so. The Shuffle battery is not an exact fit, and if I remember correctly is a bit thicker, so the casing on your Clip will not close completely so you end up cutting the casing or taping it closed resulting in a “ghetto-esque” mod at best.
  3.  Some additional advice . . . Don’t post your e-mail address on a public forum unless you love getting tons of spam in your In box. There are bots that search online forums such as this looking for additional targets for spreading their malicious messages.


Hi CRS, what I could suggest is to buy a new one. it’s too much hassle and it’s never 100% guarrantee that everything will be back to normal after purchasing a battery. I think you already had this for years now.  

And, a replacement Clip+/Zip would be inexpensive enough . . . .