The size of Sansa Clip+'s Battery.

I wanna replace the clip+'s battery in the future, I need the exact size (ie, the length, the wideth and the hight) of the Lithium Battery at first.

So anybody could tell me,Thank you!~~~

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Because someone will pop open their own device to find that out for you?  ABI has pictures of a disassembly.  Other than that I would suggest looking yourself.

The batteries aren’t intended to be user replaceable, and the clip+ is so new that warranty is still the best solution.

ABI =, which has a SanDisk Sansa Clip forum as well.  A good source.

The battery life should be about 1000 charge cycles. If it is charged daily, it will last 2-3 years. I’ll bet that the headphone jack, a pushbutton or the display will fail before the battery does.

"The battery life should be about 1000 charge cycles. If it is charged daily, it will last 2-3 years. I’ll bet that the headphone jack, a pushbutton or the display will fail before the battery does. "

The problem isn’t worrying about the battery failing completely, but since the battery starts out with just around 12 hours of typical run time for mp3(and even less for other formats), even a decrease of 20% in the battery’s capacity will be greatly felt. The battery is just 290 mah. If the battery had been over 700 mah and battery life at least 29 hours, then even if battery capacity dropped by 50% over time, the player would still be convenient.

I bought a very small supplental battery pack(Lennar Powerport mini) for just $10. It has a 650 mah lion battery, which is more than double the battery capacity of the Clip+. It is a bit cumbersome to carry this extra battery and its compact cable, but it isn’t that bad. The combination is still much larger than an extended battery version the Clip+ would have been(50% thicker than the Clip+ and having a battery over 700 mah) if it was available.

Why i want to replace the battery of CLIP+,

 it is not bacause any worry about the life of it,

 I just wanna change it to a bigger one, so it can support longer time of playback.

Get an external USB battery instead. The internal battery in the Clip+ is an unusual size, and you won’t find a higher capacity one that will fit in the player’s case. I bought a Lenmar Poweport Mini at Radio Shack recently for just $10. It has a 650 mah lion battery, which is more than double the capacity of the battery in the Clip+. It is quity tiny, and is charged via USB.

The battery is easy to remove and replace, if one remembers that thebattery has a charge controller, and most replacement batteries will not have a charge controller.  This means doing some soldering on tiny wires.

Opening up a ClipPlus is documented over on “Anything But iPod” with photos, but take care to use a very thin plastic strip about the width of a popsickle stick, sliding it under the battery, flush with the lower surface of the battery, to detach it from the very sticky double-sided tape that afixes it to the circuit board. (Here in NYC, we have MetroCards, which are very thin, very flexible, and very sturdy plastic.  Elsewhere, one might use plastic cut from a “blister pack” package.)

The idea is to not stress the circuit board, which can be fatal to an otherwise perfectly useful ClipPlus.

A similar approach is a very good idea if removing the circuit board from the case front.  The double-sided tape here is a “picture frame” around the LED display holding it to the clear plastic window. One can fish flexible plastic in from each side between case and circuit board, and slowly wiggle is back and forth to seperate the display from the window.  The adhesive is very strong, so one is again protecting the electonics from being broken by a more brute force approach…

Here are the ClipPlus Battery Specs:

28.7mm wide
35 mm high
2.1 mm thick
3.7 Vdc  290mAh

A slightly thcker battery could be used if one removed the black foam double-sided tape and replaced it with thinner tape.

A slightly longer batter could be used, as there is room in the case.

This seems to be a good choice for a replaement, but the black double-sided sticky foam will have to go to make room, and you will have to move the charge controller from the old battery to the new battery.

39(L) x 29(W) x 4(H)mm

And 680mAh would be roughly double the playing time of the stock battery supplied with the unit.

I just did this replacement 680mah battery mod to my clip+.  There’s NO WAY the above referenced battery can fit inside the case.  I thought about cutting parts of the case to make it fit, but it would render most of the buttons useless.  I opted to locate the new bigger battery outside the case, and lengthen the battery wires to route them through a hole in the case.  I did cut off all of the protrusions on the back of the case, including the clip mount.  The clip already fell off anyway.  Now the back is flat.  I did also have to move the battery charging circuit board to the new battery.  I used electrical tape to attach and cover the new battery and wires.

The reason I did this is because the original battery just didn’t last all day.  It was purchased as a refurb, and the battery may have been bad out of the box.  I am hoping that the playback time (mostly radio) will last all day with 2.35 times the capacity.

“The battery is easy to remove and replace”

“The battery is easy to remove and replace”

Perhaps for an electrical engineer with a very narrow tip soldering iron and steady hands, however the average consumer doesn’t have a soldering iron, and doesn’t know how to use one. The cases on the Sandisk players are difficult to open without damaging the player. Some have ordered a spare battery from China and waited a month for it to try the replacement. Imo it is much easier and more convenient to buy a new player for $35. Even some who have replaced the battery successfully said it wasn’t worth the time and effort. If someone wants to accept it as a challenge that is okay, however it doesn’t seem practical. If someone lives in a lesser developed country with cheap labor and expensive electronics, then perhaps they could find a shop to change the battery for around $10. In the US it might cost at least $70, double the cost of buying a new player.

@ dj99

Is the thickness of 4mm of this 680mah battery ok to fit inside the body? Was length the issue or width, or both?

Because I found another battery close to original length and width. Only thickness in 4mm.

Better late than never!

The battery you are talking about is a 400mAh and is only 4mm.  I needed a bigger, longer lasting battery which is why I went with the thicker 680mAh battery, which definitely would not fit inside the case.  Your 4mm is closer to the original, and may fit inside.  For $4.50 shipped, it’s worth a look.