I need a link to an earlier version of Memory Zone

I’m running Gingerbread (2.3.4) because my carrier (Boost mobile) has NOT facilitated Android OS updating and according to what I see on the Google Play descriptor page, Memory Zone was just updated on Feb 11th and I now get an error message stating that it is incompatible with my device when I attempted to reinstall it. Please provide a link to the earlier version for ALL of us users whose phone/device is not running the latest Android OS.

Thank you

Same here, I want Memory Zone that runs on my Gingerbread phone, Runs on my PC and Lollipop Tablet, but unless

also runs on my phone, it is worthless to me.

There was a Gingerbread version, where can we get it (I am sure that there are many more who dont have

IceCreamSandwich and later phone). Making it ICS+ is a best ill considered.

I managed to find v2.1.4 Sandisk Memory Zone at AppsJet.org.

Probably just need and older version of RunSanDiskSecureAccess-Win.exe now for PC, I found v1.1.19755.0

here on the forum:- http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/All-SanDisk-USB-Flash-Drives/RunSanDiskSecureAccess-Win-exe-is-not-a-valid-Win32-application/td-p/330185

I’m kinda hoping that they will work ok together.

Found some more, 5 versions in all from 1.5.1 to 2.2.1 here:- http://www.9apps.com/android-apps/SanDisk-Memory-Zone/version-2-1-4.html