Which version of Memory zone to use to to relocate file from phone's memory to SD card.

Hi,  I apoligize if this has been answered in another string and I could not find the solution.  I wrote to SanDisk customer support who stated that the Memory Zone was not compatible for use in as the back app for my phone (even tho the info material that came with the memory card stated that it was to be used).

Anyway,  I have a LG X Power phone (Andriod version 6.0.1) with the 60 microSD.

Within the last week I have been getting a pop notification that the current version of Memory Zone will not be supported and I need to upgrade to Memory Zone 4.0.

I have the app version 4.1.8 and if I go the app store, it states that it is already installed.   

Question: Is there another App I should be using that relocates the files (mainly photos) from the phone internal memory to the SD card?  I have noticed that about 3 months ago that my photo albums would display an icon stating if they were on stored on the phone or the SD Card – the icon has now disappeared.

thanks for any assistance pointing me in the right direction.