SanDisk Memory Zone not working after Android O update

I use a Note 8 that previously has been running Android N and things were just smooth however today that I have upgraded my phone to Android O whenever now I will open the SanDisk Memory Zone app it only displays a blank screen during it’s start up and few seconds later simply crashes automatically. How to fix it guys??

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Recommended to uninstall the SanDisk Memory Zone and reinstall on your android mobile it’s working fine now.

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This is not helpful because this doesn’t solve the problem that people are having with this at all. If you click the “Move to SD card” button, It moves like 40% of the app and when you have the SD card set and he default install, the apps still get installed partially on the internal storage.I’m losing my mind trying to find an answer to this! Nothing works! Why make an operating system that screws the user like this! Why make phones with low internal memory that can take SD cards to increase storage andthen screw by limiting how much of the app you can actually store and not be able to store it at all because you’re out of internal memory??!!I have a 16 GB SD card and with 13 GB free space and a 4 GB phone that refuses to let install anything on the SD card because I have no internal space. I hate Android!!

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