I just got this Clip+ and it's already broken???

So I just got this Clip+.  Was not that impressed with the sound over my old ipod gen 6 nano so I rockboxed it.   Sounds better but I only used it for a few hours when I noticed it started acting funny.

The buttons are now doing different things.

Like I’ll hit the “home” button one time and it will ask me if I want to shuffle or repeat.   Or I’ll be on the main menu screen trying to select “files” to select my music and it will take me to “record” or “sort case sensitive files”

It’s taking me to all kinds of different options that it shouldn’t.  It’s like the buttons are all scrambled.  

The only thing I did was rockbox it.

Am I just doing it wrong?

Edit:  Yeah I think I’m just doing it wrong…? 

Is it doing the “strange” things while you are operating the player under Rockbox?  If so, have you read the Rockbox manual as to the key assignments?  http://download.rockbox.org/daily/manual/rockbox-sansaclipplus.pdf

Yes, it seems to like to go into FM radio a lot for some uknown reason…

And now I have a stray album that somehow got out of the “music” folder

How do I delete this stray album? 

I can’t access it when i plug the clip+ into my computer and go to my computer… i can only access “my music” folder.

What a hassle this thing is.  Shoulda kept the ipod x100.

I took pictures hoping this will be easier to understand.


^as you can seen there is an album (2005 horns and halos) that is outside the “music” or “SD card” file.


^as you can see here I cannot access it to delete it… it looks like it’s not even on the device.

How can I delete this folder that is out of place?

Any help is greatly appreciated… I really don’t want to take this thing back.

Edit: Also I noticed after unplugging my clip+ from my computer it goes back to the original firmware.  I have to reboot the thing to get back into rockbox.

Is it supposed to do this?

From the second photo, your player looks like it’s set to either MTP mode or AutoDetect.  On your player while in the original firmware, in Settings -> System Settings -> USB mode, what does it say?

If it’s not in MSC mode, set the player to that, then plug it into your computer and in windows explorer, see if you can find the stray album so you can delete it.

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BINGO mags1230 YOU ROCK!!!  +1 for you

That solved the problem.

Couple things to note: (1) The Clip’s USB MTP mode (or Auto detect, which will default to MTP mode) sometimes just can be wonky, screwing up file/folder names, etc. USB MSC mode, in contrast, just seems “to work” and will suffice for everything except for DRM’ed files, which need MTP mode. The USB mode is set under the player’s System settings–setting to MSC sometimes handles an issue (or 2 or 3). (2) Files transferred to the player under one mode can only be seen on one’s computer when the player is connected to the computer under that mode. Hence, the wisdom of sticking to one mode (MSC or MTP) if possible, and avoiding the Auto detect setting–to keep matters simple.

I’ve been listening to this thing for the rest of the day and have not had any unusual problems.  

I messed with some of the sound settings and it sounds waaay better (it was preset with some odd settings, I think I got a refurb (even tho I paid for new) because there were a few album images left behind that I’d never seen before).  I easily prefer it over my iphone 4 now and it’s nice to finally get some flac on a portable device using windows (which is nice for certain tracks)

Thanks for the replies.