i have problem with sasa media converter

first of all, it did not read my files[video] even they are avi but the media converter could not read[the message is something like … my files are not avi, mp4…etc]

secondly, after that i had to use another software to change my files to mp4[,avi…etc] then the media convert could read it but the problem is here. at 100% its stop working… its freezing now while im writing this message. this happened 3 times already.

what can i do? how can i solve this problem? how can i watch movies on my fuze?


What format were your original files?

Exactly what did you convert them to? 

You might try Rhapsody, which also converts video for the Fuze. 

it was avi and when i wanted to covert it . i did not want to convert it to avi again so i try mp4 .

and i lost my cd[RHapsody- is there anyway to get it?]

-and is there anyway to solve this problem?

thank so much Black Rectangle

Fuze is not great with video

SMC sucks

Search the archives here and weed out what seems to make sense for your situation.  There is a vast amount of questions and answers here regarding video problems and SMC.

@blackdog_sansa wrote:

Fuze is not great with video

SMC sucks


Very true! This is why I haven’t done anything but music on my Fuze since before New Year’s :wink: