I have a problem with my Fuze, and its a CHALLENGE.

So i got my New Fuze a while back, it worked PERFECTLY and there where NO problems at ALL. I little while later, i upgraded my wondopws media player to the 11 version. I synced my fuze in with it, but for some reason, i couldnt un sync it. It kept telling me that my fuze was still in use on my pc. so i got frusterated ad stupidly unplugged it W/O doing the Safely remove hardware thing (i kept trying it and it wouldnt work, so i just pulled it). I noticed the next time i used it it was deleting unusually slow (i had to delete a good 200 songs on it, but it still LITERALLY took like a minute to delete a song, where as it took only like 5 secinds previously). i plugged it back into my pc that night, and the Fuze screen turned a White color with a hint of greenish blue. Now it wont DO ANYTHING! ive tryed resetting it, ive tryed formatting it, ive tryed letting the battery run out and it tryed returning it (i couldnt cuz i no longer had the packaging). i know ive been really stupid with my Fuze, but if anyone can help my bring my poor little baby Fuze back, ill be eternally grateful. Music helps me get through my days with my sanity. So if ANYONE can help me without having to pay another 70 bucks for another one, PLZ PLZ PLZ help.

Search this forum for “White Screen”. I’ve seen others with the problem, and not sure if their fix will work for you, but they did get theirs running again.

the “White Screen” forums didnht help :frowning: . I HAVE tryed resseting it and formatting it and locking and unlocking it. No avail. I called tech and they said that updating my firmware might help fix the problem, so im awaitng the email from them. ill let u know how it turns out. if it doesnt , ill come back. Can u all leave me tips in case it doesnt work?

The instructions for updating firmware are near the top of the Fuze forum page.

well after the firmware update, it WILL play music now and stuff, but the screen is STILL white…formatting it and and resetting it dont help…but hey, i got music now :slight_smile:

There was an issue with this. If you can deal with the screen issue then more power to ya, but I would call tech support and see what they suggest. 

i don’t know if this will help, but perhaps you could try running checkdisk.  just connect your device in MSC mode (put the player on hold, and hold the rewind button while you connect it), find it in “My Computer”, right click on it, select “Properties”, select the “tools” tab, and click check disk.  i recommend that you check both check boxes at the top.