I Deleted My FrimWare

Hello everyone!

today i formated my Clip and wrongfully i totaly deleted my frimware…

and the Windows Vista dont Recgonize it now…

when i try to access it … it says… " Please Format the Device"???


I don’t believe that you delete the firmware when you format.  Can’t you just turn your Clip on and reformat it under settings?  Did you try to connect in forced MSC mode (hold the center button down when connecting the USB cable between Clip and computer)?

Yes i did.

i turn off the device and then Hold the center button till i plug it in to the PC and it turn on and i realease the button…

but still it wont work :smiley:

Help PLEASE!!!

Did you try reformatting the Clip from its settings menu?

When im turning it up it says :“Not Enough Space for music DB, Please Free 30MB”

and then it turned off

Dont forget to slide the lock switch to the hold position then hold the center button while connecting.

i did… maybe it is because i got Windows Vista?

And my Device used to be Hebrew Interfaced

Format the device from Vista.

 i did

Howdy all you music lovers,

I fixed my Ver.1 2 Gig Clip by doing the following computer based format/partition/firmware install…

(my original format operation did not work until I set Partition type to MBR, see note below)

On a PC:

  • Connect in MSC mode.
  • Right-click on your player in Windows Explorer.
  • Select Format… from the context menu.
  • Make sure it set for file system FAT32 (should be on by default, but check anyway).
  • Do Not select the “Quick Format” option.
  • Make sure the partition map type is set to"Master Boot Record"!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: if the partition type is set to “GUID Partition Table” or “Apple Partition Map”, instead of MBR (Master Boot Record), The Clip will power up with error message:

“Not Enough Space for music DB, Please Free 30MB”

and then it turns itself off

  • Click the Start button.
  • Verify that this is what you want to do and click OK.

With an Apple Intel MacBook laptop running OS 10.5.6, I was able to restore my Clip to normal with the Disk Utility and the settings below.

  • Connect in MSC mode.
  • In Disk Utility (located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder),
  • Click on(highlight) the 1.9 GB SanDisk Sansa Clip  2GB Media" located on the left side.
  •  click on the “Partition” tab on the upper right side.
  •  select “1 partition” from the “Volume Scheme” drop down menu.
  •  select MS-DOS (FAT) from the Format drop down menu.
  • click on the “Options” button near the bottom center.
  • Select “Master Boot Record” MBR partition scheme and click OK.
  • double check that you are formatting the Clip (and not your hard disk)
  • click on the “Apply” button in the lower right corner.
  • When formatting/partitioning is complete, copy the m300a.bin firmware update file  ( http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=clip&thread.id=10533 ) to the clip,
  • eject, disconnect and the clip should reboot, install the firmware update and begin working properly again.
  • now move your music files to the clip and have fun!

Formatting will only delete/erase content put on by you, the user. It will not erase the firmware or any needed operating files, so it is safe. You will have to reload all of your music, etc. tho, it shouldn’t take long. :smiley:

Hope this helps some of you out there who have “Bricked Up” Clips, get back in the mix.

Happy Trails