I am upset and need help

Had I known that this model was going to be discontinued and the wifi was not going to work, I would not have bought it just a month ago. Now I have been using my windows media player to put songs into my Connect. Suddenly, when I connect to my computer it is no longer recognized. any reason? I am NOT happy.

I am displeased with this product. While mine charges up and plays music, it does not play video or internet radio.

Had I known that sandisk discontinued this item, I would not have paid 200$ for an old model.

I’ve always been a believer in “you get what you pay for” and for 200$ I feel as though I should have a device that does what the box indicates.

Additionally, these support forums are not at all helpful and it’s evident that they’re not updated with any kind of urgency.

It is my fault and misfortune that I bought this item, and moreso because it is non-returnable.  

$200? You got robbed. Mine was on sale at Wal-Mart for $75. Granted, given that the product was already discontinued and of no real value, I was robbed also.

Oh, and thanks to this whole board with helping with my problem. NOT. But I fixed it. 

For the Video Issue… Ur running old firmware. Update it using the Sansa Connect Recovery tool, As for the radio, do u have a WiFi signal to connect to? The player doesnt have FM. So to use radio, u’ll need an open WiFi or network u can access and sign in using your Yahoo anme just like messenger.

the first thing i did when i took it out of the package was connect to the wi-fi at my house. the firmware updated itself. and yahoo! messenger?? what is it 1998?

Did you bother reading the user manual? To access the internat radio you sign into yahoo for the internat radio as it uses the launchcast.

If your firmware was completely upto date your player will support video. Just make sure ur using Sansa Media Converter or AnyVideoConverter  to ensure the videos are in the correct format.

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