Huuuuuuge recording size!

Why is it that the Fuze and the Clip+ both record at ~1.5mb/minute of recording but the Fuze+ does 10mb/minute?

I tried recording a one hour lecture with the mp3 player and the file was over 500mb.  Is there a way to change the settings?

because they UPPED the quality! Do you not like better quality?


Maybe because the fuze+ is recording using the WAV format file. If that’s the case, the amount of memory of the sample you are recording would be larger when it compares to a .mp3 file of the same duration. I read some forums and fuze+ is designed mainly for media playback with a little recording feature. If you need to record voice data that is of long duration such as seminars and lectures, try using other devices that are designed for recording, maybe a laptop or a netbook with a recording software. Hope it helps, good day.