HP and Compaq laptops can't see SSD

Hello, I have installed SSDs on a number of systems with no problem but I have two laptops one is an HP 655 ,the other is Compaq and they do not recognise an SSD at all.  It does not show up in the bios and if you try to load up you get a message saying no bootable media found.  I have used a couple of different SSDs and to the same result and just to prove that the SSDs are OK I have even loaded an OS win 10 on them to see if they will even attempt to boot.  I have tried all of the AHCI, legacy modes etc and no luck.  Of course the HP and Compaq responses to my queries have been less than useful.  The two laptops work OK with an ordinary drive but interestingly when I tried a hybrid drive they couldn’t see that either.   Any suggestions

PS I attached an SSD via a sata/USB cable and could actually load a system from USB but terribly slow of course due to the USB speed.

SSD Stands for the Solid State Drive. An SSD  is a type of nonvolatile storage media that stores persistent data on the solid-state flash memory. but sometimes you can not see in the HP and Compaq laptop. If you are using the HP Laptop and facing any type of issues related to the HP Laptop then please visit 0xc0000225 for the proper solution.