How to transfer music without charging a batteries?

I just bought my Clip yesterday so I didn’t have much time to play around with it. I was wondering if it is possible to transfer songs to Clip and not to start batteries charging at the same time? Does this kind of charging (shot time charring, for about some 10-20 minutes) has any effect on battery life?

short time charging as no effect on Li-Poly / Li-Ion batteries…

They has no memory effect… and they only last so many cycles…

as I understand a cycle is when you recharge your battery 100%… so: 1 cycle could be… .recharge 5% now, use it… then recharge 50% later…then 45% later… or until its done…

Its recommended to recharge these types of batteries as much as you can… and if its when you’re around 40% of battery life is better

I almost forgot… IT IS RECOMMENDED to fully charge for the first time before usage… so… I hope you did

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Tnx for advice. I’ve charged it to the top over night :wink:

You probably could buy or make a data only cable (by removing some of the USB pins).  But as noted above, it’s not really necessary given the nature of the batteries.

I did read in another forum that if you don’t stick in the cable fully, the Sansa would connect, but not charge. Didn’t try it myself, though.

No, it’s exactly the opposite: if you don’t stick the cable fully, the Clip will charge but not connect. It will be just as plugging a wall charger into it. This is useful, in case you want to charge it while being able to listen to music.

Well, thanks for correcting that information. Sorry if I mixed something up there.