how to remove write protection?

i can’t format my pendrive. it’s saying that it’s write protected. at first when i brought that pendrive it was working well and good, But after some days it suddenly sarted saying it’s write protected it’s beacause of the viruse. But now i am un able to remove it. If i try to then it will say that it’s write protected. How to fix this?

The only fix is to return it for a replacement.  Either to where you bought it or directly to SanDisk.

Copy whatever files on it you want to save to your hard drive before returning it.

Hi ,

This is simple error. so dont worry. follow this then  you can Format your Drive 

 how to remove write protection

 Hi, use “ diskpart ” command. 

  1. Go to command promat
    2. “ diskpart ” enter.
  2. list disk " enter
  3. selet disk.
  4. clean

source - How to Remove “Write Protection” by Using Command Prompt 1