WriteProtect not possible to remove on Sandisk USB

Just purchased second-hand Sandisk 32GB Pendrive and not even that is used but also write protect. Because of that I’m not able to use it. Read somewhere here that you can send pendrive to Sandisk and they’ll send you new one that works. Is that correct? If so, Should I contact Sandisk support?

Many Thanks for help.


Hi @greguk,

Write protection prompts to prevent data loss from a potential fault. Do you have any important data on the product? If yes, we recommend to back up your data immediately.

Please check the below mentioned link to understand more about the issue:

Title: Write Protect Error on USB Flash Drives

Link:Write Protect Error on USB Flash Drives

NOTE: If you are using a company computer, ensure your IT department does not block saving files to removable drives.

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following: