How to re-set up FUZE system?


My fuze can’t find the firmware after unload RockBox casue i installed RB into FUZESELF’S hardwire.

how to re-set up the firmware or system for FUZE? THX.

P.S. FUZE SansaUpdaterInstall.exe can’t installed into My PC. the final item said need to connect Fuze, but i had connected FUZE already. The program no response. can’t finish the final item.

please help me.

Try manually downloading the firmware from the All Regions link in the firmware sticky. Unzip it and transfer the file Fuzea.bin onto the driveletter of the Fuze.


But if you’ve messed up the USB connection and your computer can’t find the Fuze when connected, you’re in trouble. Try the forums at .

THX, and i had format the FUZE. PC can find FUZE hardware. ONLY the SansaUpdaterInstall. exe can’t find fuze when installing.  IF I put the fuzea.bin file into the fuze hardware what had been format,Fuze can work again?

Try it and see. It’s your best chance.

Just make sure the Fuze in in MSC mode ( NOT MTP mode), or the Fuze will just ignore the file.

I don’t know where to direct my question.  I thought my Sansa Fuze had died but have discovered that it works fine with the external chip but does NOT work with the internal chip.  Is there anything to be done about this?

You can try two things on the internal memory.

If you can connect to the computer, go to Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer) and right-click on the Sansa Fuze drive. Properties/Tools/Error-checking. Run Error-checking and see if it can fix anything.

You can also try formatting the internal memory–which will erase all the files you have put on it, but leave the operating system intact. From the Fuze: Settings/System Setttings/Format.  Or from your computer: Right-click, Format…FAT32.