Can't connect to PC -- boots, WSOD's, then stops

I have a refurbed Fuze v2 that I bought a month or so back and it has worked fine until now. The player works fine when running Rockbox. Then I turn it off. When I plug it into the computer, the OF sansa text logo shows up and does its explodey thing into the logo, then the screen goes white (when it should boot into the sansa firmware), then it does the logo thing again and freezes on the sansa logo. It never shows up on the computer as a device and I have no idea what to do. Help please?

I would try forcing the MSC connection and reinstalling the Sansa firmware.

Go to this link: and download both All Regions links. You’ll have to try each one if you don’t know what version of hardware your Fuze is. Unzip them into different folders and you’ll have FuzeA.bin for version 1 and version 2.

Version 1 and Version 2 are for different pieces of hardware. One is not an update of the other.

Turn the unit off. Slide down the power button to click into Hold position–you’ll see an orange dot. Open Windows Explorer (My Computer or Computer), connect the USB to the computer. Hold down the << side of the wheel and connect the USB to the Fuze.

With luck it will pop up two drives in Windows Explorer. Drag FuzeA.bin onto the driveletter for Sansa Fuze. (Might as well try version 1 first.) Disconnect and see if it installs the firmware. If not, try the other version. 

No luck. :frowning: I know I have the v2 Fuze, but nothing shows up in “My Computer” or the device manager when I try to force MSC mode. Any other ideas?

Yeah, those re-furbs really are a good bargain, aren’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha… If I had to guess I would say it’s a software issue – I can still boot Rockbox and it runs fine. I guess I’m just SOL if I ever want to add new music to the onboard memory. :frowning:

It could be the cord or the slot–hard to say. It does sound like a software problem…but somehow you’ve got to get a working firmware in there.

And by the way, have you looked in Device Manager after connecting, to see if it’s showing up as an Unknown or non-working USB device. If you see that yellow triangle with exclamation point, Delete the device and try again by forcing MSC. You do have to keep holding down the << as you connect.

@black_rectangle wrote:

 . . . try again by forcing MSC. You do have to keep holding down the << as you connect.

As well as having the HOLD switch engaged.

As noted above, Tapeworm ol’ buddy.

Oops, missed your previous post with the complete instructions in it. Sorry BR.