how to put plugins on ur player??

I want to put some games on my player, but I don’t how to do it. Can you please help me???

The Sansa players do not have this ability

@apix wrote:
The Sansa players do not have this ability

unless, you have an e200 v1 in which case you can use rockbox.
But, before you install Rockbox understand that it will void the warranty, make sure you complety understand how to do it , and realize
there is a slight chance of bricking the e200

Again, the Sansa player doesn’t have the ability :wink:   Rockbox alters the player, technically not making it a Sansa anymore :slight_smile:

ok, so by your logic, if i have an apple, and i tape a grape to it, its no longer an apple. but you see, it is still an apple, just an apple with a grap on it.

a sansa with rockbox is still a sansa, just a sansa with rockbox.

rockbox itself doesnt alter the player at all, it is just a folder named “.rockbox” and thats it.

its like a computer kinda, a computer has partitions, so does ur sansa. 4 to be exact, and only 2 of them are used. one is used for the sansa firmware, and the other is kinda like ram on a computer.

rockbox places a bootloader, kinda like going into ur bios settings, and changing it to instead of starting the sansa firmware, it starts rockbox (unless u hold down |<<).

to answere the question b4 this tho, do u real know what rockbox is? because it doesnt make it so you can play games in the normal sansa firmeware, it makes it so you can play them in a computer like environment thats kinda ugly, but it still very nice.

if u brick it while trying to update firmware, its easy to fix, ive done it.

I’m assuming you meant “grape”. But the analogy that you’re using doesn’t really apply to this. Rockbox DOES change the way the player behaves. If it didn’t, there would be no point in putting it on there in the first place. It allows many things on the device that the player doesn’t support. Rockbox modifies the original firmware placed on there by SanDisk, there-by no longer making it what it once was. Firmware update is different, you can’t simply drag and drop SanDisk’s firmware to the player to get rid of Rockbox. If you attach a grape to an ipod, that does nothing to the player as far as functionality goes, but if you were to put SanDIsk firmware (lets just say it could work on an Ipod), then the Ipod would no longer function as an original Ipod, it would be an Ipod shell with SanDisk guts (to be blunt).
But that’s neither here, nor there.