how to play rm file on sansa E250?

I just bought sansa E250 and new to it, can anyone give me idea how to play rm video file on it? thanks.

You have to convert it to mp3, wmv, wma, or another compatible video format which can be converted with Sansa Media Converter (SMC.)

Real Media .rm format can be converted to AVI using a utility like WinAVI Video Converter.  The resulting video can then be fed to the Sansa using the Sansa Media Converter.

There’s a trial version of WinAVI available from ZJ Media to see if the application will fit your needs. There may also be freeware rm -> AVI utilities out there, but that will involve a bit of searching.

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AnyVideo converter is better cause it supports more formats and it’s free (if you use the free version)

P.S The word free does not mean it is a trail =D 

I love Any-Video-Converter, it’s a great application.  You can download either the “trial version” of the full AVC, or if you look a little further, they DO offer the “nag-screen free”  version free of charge too.

When I have a little free cash, I think I’ll invest in the full version, as well as it works.

I’d never tried running rm files through it.

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