how to make a backup copy of my Sansa Fuze 2GB

:womanwink:Hi! Can somebody tell me how to make a back up copy of my Sansa Fuze 2GB. I’m gonna get it replaced because the thumbwheel doesn’t work properly and I ask (the agent on Technical Support) about all my music that I have on my MP3 and they tell me to make a copy but every time that I downloaded to Windows Media Player I can listening but as soon that I disconnect my MP3 I can’t play it anymore. Can somebody help me please I don’t want to loose all my music. Or as a matter of fact downloaded again ( too many website to visit again)

Tell the computer to move the Sansa’s contents to the desktop or wherever? Then copy them back into your replacement?

You can either manually copy your music from the device to the computer using Windows Explorer, often known as “My Computer” or just “Computer” in various Windows versions by drag-and-drop, or open Windows Media player and “copy from device” after clicking the Sync tab.

It’s also possible to copy the works using an application like Media Monkey too.

Many folks get confused if the Sansa was originally loaded using WiMP- many never realize that the application does indeed work in both directions.

Remember, it’s important to always have a backup copy of your music!  It will save you grief!

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Thank you very much that help me a lot :womanhappy:

There is no “copy from device” in windows media player 12.

Still searching for how to back up all info from sansa fuze to a computer directory.  Hopefully including album art, albums. artists etc.

I don’t use WIndows Media Player 12, but Googling “copy from device” and “windows Media Player 12” says it still has that function.These are iPod instructions but it’s the same thing.


How did you put the music on the Fuze?

I’m guessing you did it via Windows Media Player.

Connect the Fuze. Look in WMP’s Settings to see where it’s actually storing the music on your Fuze. Somewhere, probably under Sync, the actual directory is listed.  Close WMPlayer.

Go to Computer or My Computer. Click on the Fuze drive to explore it, find the directory where WMPlayer told you the music is, and copy it out of there. 

If you just drag-and-dropped your music onto the player, without WMPlayer, then you can just copy it off from wherever you put it.

There is one potential catch. If you ripped your own CDs with Windows Media Player’s default settings and put those copies on the Fuze, they may have Digital Rights Managment garbage in them to prevent you from copying them again. Yes, it is stupid.  You would have to rip the original CDs again after changing the Settings in Windows Media Player (under Rip) to .mp3.

Terminologies were changed a bit with Windows Media Player 12.

Plug in your device, and open WiMP 12.  Once the device is recognized, you will need the Sync tab in the upper right.  Look on the left side of the WiMP interface, and click on the Sansa Fuze Internal Memory icon, then navigate to Music / Albums etc.  You can also select the All Music icon. 

To copy the music en masse to your computer’s library, for a backup, drag the all music icon or the desired tracks, albums, to the Sync List pane on the right.  Then click on the Start Sync button.  Please note!  You are doing a “copy from deviice” as before, Microsoft has renamed everything to the same task in WiMP 12.  They have tried to automate things, as you may have discovered.  I would have left the WiMP 11 interface personally…note that the “tag editor” is “missing”, but not really…you can drag and drop new album art, and you can change metadata fields with a double click.  Who knows why they did that.  At the least, you can still edit the information.

Using MTP os MSC mode will work in much the same way. 

There’s an alterntet, manual “bare bones” method to back up your Sansa: use Windows Explorer and make a copy folder of the whole collection.  If you work with it a bit, you can even direct Windows Media Player 12 to add this folder to the library later.

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Thank you fo r the helpful tips,I’ve been searching on how to have a backup copy for my old Sansa Fuze 2GB.Thanks a lot.