Restoring music from Sansa Fuze to PC

I loaded approx 500 tracks to my Sansa Fuze approx 1 year ago. During that time, I had a pretty major problem with my PC and had to replace the operating system. This has resulted in my losing all the tracks stored in Windows Media Player and in my normal PC Files. All I want to do is copy the music tracks back from my Fuze to the PC but appear to be unable to do so.  I am running Windows 8.1.

When I look on the Fuze via the PC I can see the Playlists but not the tracks within them. The Playlist files are in PLA format and the pc appears to be unable to read them.

Can anyone help please


The above should read 5000 tracks. And I should have said I saved some to the device and some to a memory card.  I can’t access either of them.  I’m going to try a different media organiser as I can’t find an option to import in WMP. My husband has suggested winamp - so here goes…

Don’t use WMP. Just open up your Libraries (My Computer on older OS) and navigate to the player and card (usually Drive F, G, H, etc.), select the folders/files, highlight and then click on the Copy To: icon at the top. Enter in the destination (usually Music Library) and let 'er rip.

That’s exactly what I’ve ended updoing. Unfortunately because I can’t access the Playlists I’m just left with a bit of a jumble.  I’m a little bit OCD with my music collection so it’s gonna take me hours to put the playlists back together again on the PC. 

Unless, of course, you or someone else is able to suggest a better way for me to do it??

And thanks for helping me by the way - I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with my Fuze and this just isn’t helping.


You should be able to copy the .pla playlist files over to your computer from the player as well. Note that they won’t work since the path won’t be correct, but they’ll be there for back-up if you ever need to transfer them back to the player again.

Just wanted to say Thanks again Tapeworm. I’ve decided I’m having too many problems with the Sansa so will no longr be using it.  It has now started with a buzz mid music playing…   Very dissappointed - I always believed Sandisk were makers of good quality stuff - oh wekk, live & learn.



They do. Sorry you seem to be having problems. But then, there can be problems with any player or electronic device. Take a look at some of the competition’s forums.

The buzz may be caused by the head/earphone plug not being fully inserted into the jack, or it may be more serious. If you decide to get another player and are not going to use this any more, I would be glad to take it off your hands and pay shipping costs if it is one of the orignal Fuzes (round scroll wheel). I have no interest if it’s a Fuze+. PM me if you want to get rid of it.

I used to use WMP as pre-Windows 7, it was a pretty good program, IMHO.  I didn’t use it for the short period of time I was using Windows 7 (bought the computer when the transition took place, so it came with 7 and a free upgrade to 8), but when I switched to 8 and needed to use WMP, it was HORRIBLE.  I now use Media Monkey.  Works better than the current WMP, IMHO, but takes some getting used to as it is not a GUI and not as intuitive as WMP.