How to include the album covers in the Fuze?

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I had to copy my music files again because my Fuse seemed to have deleted them. In any case, some of my albums are misssing their album illustrations. How can I include them again in the Fuze?


Get or make a small copy of the album cover as a .jpg, 300x300, and save it in the folder as folder.jpg.

Links below might help :smiley:

Adding album art

How-to vids

@black_rectangle wrote:

Get or make a small copy of the album cover as a .jpg, 300x300, and save it in the folder as folder.jpg.

That method has always worked for me.

Hi all:

Thanks very much.

I use WMP 12 that comes with Win 7 ( I have the 64 bit version) I didn’t see any option to get the album cover art

I’ll take a look at MS’ website and dig around for further info

Curiously Itunes has an album that doesn’t appear at all in WMP. Well it,s not important since that one’s in the Fuze.

Thanks again!


Use Tag Scanner


MP3 Tag

To embed album art into the MP3 tag after you rip your music or with existing MP3’s & you never have to worry about album art again. It’s easy to do & they are both freeware programs. You do the whole album at once or individual songs. If you don’t like the album cover you can stick in any JPG you like. Then you cover will show up in WMP & your player too.

Super easy to edit your MP3 tag with either one. MP3Tag has a better help file but Tagscanner is quicker & easier once you figure out what you are doing. 


Thanks I did use mp3tag for fixing the id3 tags. However, how do you add the album art if I’ve already ripped the album?

I looked at the online help and the offline help files for mp3tag but it’s unclear how to do this action.


For MP3Tag, open the program then open up the folder, see all the contents, and down in the lower left will be a (presumably blank) square window for album art.  Go to Google, and google the album/CD…go to Images.  Find an appropriate image about 300x300.  Save it to the folder of the CD you’re working with.  Rename it to “album art.jpg” or “folder.jpg”.  (both work, just be consistent) Have a Windows Explorer window open with the album art/folder available.  With MP3Tag open, Select All files.  Drag the album art file from the Windows window to the MP3Tag blank window,  Then Save All.  It will crank thru and imbed the art in each song.

Highlite your song or songs go to the top hit “Tag Sources” select which source you want to search & it will bring up all the album info including the cover that that source has. If the first source selected does not show your album or any art move to the next source until you find one that has your needed info. Amazon will be the most helpful as all the sources don’t store album art. The Amazon under TAG Source searches the Amazon CD section. If you go to Amazon MP3 in your browser & do a search there they have a much larger data base & you can copy & paste the album art. You can also manual search the various Amazon foreign sites (.de, .fr, .ca,, &  If that does not turn up your album then do the Google search as described by blackdog-sansa.

If you use TagScanner it has all of those Amazon sites built in & will search which ever one you select but it takes some fumbling through to learn all the many features as it has less of a help file than MP3tag

Here’s a link with details on how to add the Zune Marketplace to the Tag Source in MP3tag. This will give you another database that it wii search for you before you have to go to a manual search.