How to get a list of all files/folders on the Sansa Clip+

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I have an awful lot of MP3s on my Clip+, but have realized that I have put duplicates on there in different folders. My plan was to use a command prompt to get a list of all the files on the device, and then use a utility that shows me duplicate names and the files’ locations. I could then simply delete files from the Clip+.

The trouble is that the Clip+ is simply shown as a “Portable Device” in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 Home) - there is no way to assign a drive letter to it :frowning: Which seems kind of odd, as it is, after all, plugged into one of my USB ports… I have used the dir command on all the drives assigned in My Computer as “Devices with Removable Storage”. One of them must be the port to which the Clip+ is attached, but they all say ‘Device is not ready’. Thus the Clip+ is not being identified in that way.

Is there any way at all to get a list of the files that are on the Clip+?


That’s how the Clip+ shows when connected under USB MTP mode.  If you connect under MSC mode (set under System settings), the Clip+ shows up as a drive.

But:  the problem you may have there is, Windows will only show the files that were transferred to the Clip+ under the USB mode then connected under.  I don’t know if this applies to DOS, though–you could try it and see.

Another solution would be to copy all your files back to your computer, under MTP mode; delete the files on the Clip+; change the Clip+ to MSC mode; and then transfer the files back to the Clip+.  Now you should be able to see the files under Windows (still connected under MSC mode) and can run the utilities you were planning on.

I hope this helps–

Thank you for your response, oh guru :slight_smile: I had no idea that there were two USB modes - when I checked, it was set to Auto anyway.

Re your first point: sadly, yes, it does apply to DOS.

Your second suggestion is fine, but, I realized more complicated than it needed to be - once I have copied the Sansa contents to my computer, I can run the checks there without having to make changes to the Sansa. On the other hand, I do much prefer to see drive letters, so thanks for the heads-up! From what I understand, “MTP mode is useful for subscription services that use DRM protection” (, while “in MSC mode the device acts like a normal removable drive”. So, if I get around to listening to audio books from the library, this is something to bear in mind…

Thank you so much for your speedy and extremely useful response, Miikerman :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Exactly right as to the difference between the 2 USB modes.  MTP mode likewise is needed for DRM’ed files generally, apart from subscription services, if you have any of those around from earlier days.

And Auto mode–bleccch.  In my mind, it just adds confusion if you might be connecting to different machines (or possibly even the same one), as the Clip will try to connect under MTP mode and then fall back to MSC mode if needed.  Fine, until you are looking for files on your Clip from the computer, and have transferred (unknowingly) files over under both USB modes.

Call me a Luddite:  I like the good, old, dependable MSC mode, over the more finicky (read many of the posts here) MTP.  And by keeping in MSC mode, you more easily can check for duplicates in the future, besides.

please give me step by step instructions for my new sandisk clip plus    Todah

@samrabin wrote:

please give me step by step instructions for my new sandisk clip plus    Todah

Have you read the User’s Guide?

Please also start your own thread, to avoid confusing matters (and to get greater response).

Another useful tool for sorting through a large directory tree – a little freeware program called Directory LIst & Print.  There are also several utilities for identifying duplicate files, but I’m not familiar with 'em.