How to format Sandisk Micro SD ultra card class 10 uhs~1 to Fat32 using win 10?

I bought a sandisk microsd card as per above stated. It is 128 GB. How to format it to Fat32? I need to store music files to play on mp3 player or rather DAP.:slight_smile:

I’m using windows 10. Googled but unable to find it.

I’ve used this:

Hi Tapeworm

Will the software from CNET contain malware?

I doubt it, but if you’re nervous about it, you can always fing the HP Formatting Tool elsewhere. Just Google it. That’s what I did.

Can’t you just use ExFAT? If it is a modern MP3 player, while it may still list FAT32 as a default, it may very well be able to read ExFAT as well.

If not, if you shove the card in the player, the player may be able to format it?

If not not, shoving the card into a digital camera or a smartphone may perhaps allow you to format using FAT32?