how to delete old sansa playlist on a different computer?


i have changed computer and I can’t delete the playlists from my sansa clip:

in the new computer the old files (which are currently on my sansa clip) do not appear in windows media player,

and they don’t even appear in windows explorer [Sansa Clip (E:)]

I can only connect to the computer in MSC mode.

I know I can delete the mp3 files one by one directly from the device while listening, but how to delete the playlist titles?..

I have so many…

Can’t you just reset everything?

What type of playlists are they (.pla or .m3u)? Pla’s are stored in the Playlists folder and M3u’s are stored in the Music folder. Have you done a search in Windows Explorer using the keyword *.(pla or .m3u)?

Couldn’t you just reformat the player under its System settings?  This will erase all user content, but note that this includes your music or audiobooks–transfer anything you want to save to your PC first.

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thank you!

fast and easy