Can not delete playlists

I use windows media player and a Sansa Clip Zip.  I have playlists that I do not want on my clip zip and I have deleted them off my windows media player and the computer, but I cannot get them off the clip zip device.  I have even tried to restore the device to factory settings and they will not come off.

Can you simply connect the player to your computer, navigate to where the playlists are stored on your player, and then delete them directly? 

If you used WMP to create these playlist files, there’s a better then even probability that they are .pla format. If so, they would easily be found when connected to your computer in the Playlists folder. Highlight, delete, done.

I have fully delted them from my computer, but whenever I would sync my mp3 they would not come off.  I have since taken out the extra memory card and wiped that.  They came off, but when I put the new play lists on the playlist name went on, but no music, each one said “empty”

Umm, I don’t do playlists, but isn’t that what one would expect?  Your playlists aren’t the actual music, they are pointers to the music.  And so if the music that the playlists point to isn’t on the player (and where originally located), there’s nothing there to play.

See page 16 of the player’s manual for playlist instructions.

I guess I am not explianing this well.  Thanks, but nevermind :frowning:

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