How To Add Songs To An ALBUM that you already added to the MP3 Player???

Like the subject says, How do you add songs to an album that you already added to the MP3 Player? Thanks in advance 

 Also how do you create an album for songs that are already on the MP3 Player 

Simply drag & drop the additional song files to the Album folder.

And so, a few things.

Which player?  The original Clip and the Clip+ are a bit different.

First, both players generally operate via a database, which compiles and displays listings on the player screen (albums, artists, songs, genre) using metadata–“ID3 tags”–contained in the song computer files.  The player does all of this automatically–you don’t have to do anything, apart from loading the files onto the player.  However, this assumes that the song/file ID3 tags have been filled in originally.  If you’ve purchased the music, the tags likely already have been filled in (although the info. may be erroneous, on occasion); if not or if you’ve ripped the music yourself and the tags were not filled in as part of the ripping process, the ID3 tags need to be filled in manually.  A tag editor program such as well-regarded Internet freeware mp3tag can be used for this.

Second, with the Clip+, apart from selecting and playing music via the database listings, you also may select and play the music via folders, just like on your computer; this selection method is at the bottom of the player’s Music options list.  In that case, to play music by album, your music files need to be organized by folder (again, just like on your computer)–most likely, by placing all the files/songs from an album in a folder using the album name.

Finally, with both players you can create and play “playlists”–essentially, a listing which tells the player which songs to play and in what order, grabbing the songs to play from wherever they are stored on your player.  Instructions on how to create playlists are in the player manual, available in the sticky threads at the top of this forum.     

I have the Clip + . Anyway thanks for answering my questions