Adding songs to an existing playlist

I am new to this so here is my second question on this forum. Does anyone know how to add a song to an existing playlist made through windows media player. I tried it once and lost everything in the playlist - gone right from the clip - was no longer in there, I had to create the playlist over again. I don’t want to try it again due to obvious reasons. I appreciate the help.

To add more songs or delete songs from your playlist.

1.  Connect your device to PC

2.  Open Windows Media Player & browse your playlist under “My Library”

3.  From there, you can add more songs to your playlist & you need to resync it in order for your playlist to update

4.  To resync it, click the Sync tab & drag-n-drop your playlist to the sync list & click to sync

There are reference on how to create playlist.  Just type in the search option to find it.

I think what he means is actually adding songs to playlists through the clip. Just like with the GoList, just with another playlist. Am I correct?

I want to add them using windows media player. I think I understand how to do it. I will give it a try! Thank you all!

Well I finally got it. I opened windows media player, right clicked on the playlist I wanted to add songs to. Clicked on edit in pane, then I dragged and dropped the songs I wanted to add to the pane. Clicked save list, clicked sinc, plugged the clip into the computer and it started syncing on its own. Unplugged it, everything I added was on the clip. Not hard once you know what you are doing. Thanks all!!

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