Adding a Album

8gb clib… Trying to add a album… I see in the menu, albums, music etc. I copied the album into music as a folder. The clip sees it and the songs, but as unknown title? Instead of the title I gave it?

Also in albums folder… What is the alb extention and would I use that to link to the album I created in the music folder… Thanks sooo… Much!

you need to edit the id3 tags of the files before they display properly. just search this forum or the sandisk knowledgebase for “editing id3 tags” and you should find plenty of answers

Thanks you so much, I guess I need Media player to do this. Believe I have version 11 installed.

you can do it by right clicking the files selecting properties then the summery tab. even more info can be filled out if you click the advanced button as well. 

Ok did that with a couple songs. Quest is how then do I make the albume in the music folder apear in the the album. As of now it is still appearing as unknown? How do I make it a alb extention with the correct name of the folder?

Got it… thanks for your replys…

I found that if songs are already in Windows Media Player 11 in the Library i can retag album, artist, and contributing artist the way I want it by right clicking the artist or album and clicking edit and typing in what i want. I want my songs in a Artist folder with all the songs by that artist in same folder regardless of original albums and i like to keep the tracks so they go in track order even if multiple track numbers the same. So I make the Album, Artist, and Contributing Artist all the same thing, and then the folder is in artist list on clip and the songs. i do not use a two folder Album>Artist>Song listing but only Artist>Song. Works best for me.

Also use mp3tag, a free tagger from in which you can batch tag by changing the directory, selecting all songs, REMOVE EXISTING TAG, and Save new tag. i just type in Album and Artist block the Artist Name , like Frank Sinatra in both boxes. Then all songs are tagged and in clip they would show as Artists> Frank Sinatra> Songs.

Took me awhile to figure all this out and with help but Ive gotten it working now, and have NO MORE UNKNOWNS on the clip. Once you see how it works you can tag it any way you want.

thank you… mp3tag is excellent, that is what I used last night… Question what is the purpose of making a playlist as well? I see once you are in a album folder you can  mark all them to a playlist…

also mp3tag has a option for a photo… Can the clip show a photo as well?

Just got the clip yesterday… Was way more than I expected… All my FMs are coming in loud and clear. The recording feature works great as well… My friend came over last night and he was in awe. As he has always been a Ipod user… He just couldn’t believe all that this little thing does and what a great sound it produces… Loudest I have ever heard in any MP# player…  

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also mp3tag has a option for a photo… Can the clip show a photo as well?