How long does the Firmware Update take?

I am have had it plugged in for a while now and it does not look to be making any progress well atleast what looks to be a progress bar is still totally white… and my sansa just appears to be charging…

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Actually to update… I guess it is infinite… It doesn’t make progress nor do I think it’s even writing to my Express as I had to cancel it out and nothing was changed on it at all…

Any idea what’s going on Sandisk?

if sansa fw updater says finished - but the device says writing - uc an disconnect.  check the fw version of the player to see if it updated or not.

You may have bricked your SE.

If your updater says it’s finished but the updater is still going then you may have a bricked SE like mine. One way to find out is to use the safely remove the device using the windows remove USB tool (if your SE is one of the older ones). If you can’t use the tool, then just disconnect it. The update should not take longer than 10 mins.

Then turn on the player. If nothing, then your SE is bricked.

The updater clears the firmware flash first before uploading the new firmware onto the device.

That’s why I said you may have a bricked SE. RMA it and join a thread I made for Sandisk to seriously fix the firmware updater.

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