updater hangs

I have a sansa express 1G.  I bought it primarily for audio books.
At first I could download books just fine but  some time ago the
audiomanager software says I need to update my firmware and
refuses to talk to my device (it did fine initially).  So I am trying
to update my firmware.  I got the latest updater software 1.0.2
and it says an update is available for my device and seems to
get the new file from the internet.  But when it goes to the screen
where it says “Warning: Do not disconnect your device” it seems
to hang and the status bar at the bottom never starts to fill.  I
once let it go all night and no change.

There is no method I can find to put the player in any special
mode and the updater never asked me to do that.

The player plays music and even the audio book I have but without
an update I can not load any more books onto the device.  Also
I am hoping the update will make moving ahead or back in a book
much more reliable.  Right now it may skip a few sections or
several sections.  Yes, I do hold it down rather then single press.
Any help is greatly appreciated.  Except for this update problem
and the forward/rewind bug it is a nice little device.


I would try a newer version of the updater here:


Uninstall 1.02, install 1.041 and try again.

Thanks but no change.  I was pretty sure I had the latest but uninstalled
and reloaded to be sure.  The odd thing is that the version shown in
my tool tray sansa icon is 1.041 but when it tries to update the device
the window says version 1.0.2.  I did uninstall the old version and rebooted
prior to installing the new version.  Also odd is the copywrite for the 1.041
version is 2006 and for the 1.02 it is 2007. 

I believe I have the latest version and someone just did not change the
version number in the later wnidow.

Anyway, it continues to just hang there warning me not to disconnect
my device but not doing anything.  I noticed in the previous window it
did sucessfully download the firmware image so it is not a network
blocking (also I have tried it at work and home).

I am running XP.  Any other ideas?  Right now the device is not much
use to me.  It plays MP3s and the one book already loaded but will
not load new books without the firmware update.


What FW version number does the player display?

You might try reformatting, maybe doing the reset with the two keys and trying again.  If it still fails, I would RMA it.

The factory reset did allow me to update the firmware.  However,
now it is worse.  The device shows the new firmware version
(01.01.01a) but now not only does audible not recog the new
firmware but it no longer shows up as a drive on my PC.  I
rebooted the PC, reset the device (soft and hard) but no
luck.  Also I have reforted the device with no change.

Now I can not even use it for music.

RMA is not an option as I no longer have the receipt and not
even sure where I bought it.  The device seems to be fine,
all menus work and I can even record voice on it.

I would like to reload the firmware just to be safe but I see
no option for reload.  My updater now says the firmware is
up to date.


If you click on the Sansa Firmware Updater icon in the system tray and select “Check for Updates Now”, you should get a pull-down menu that will allow you to change the region.  You could try changing to the PacRim/Asia region firmware.  Then it will update and overwrite the current American firmware.  It gets around that “You’re already updated!” message. You could switch back to American later if you want.  I’ve done that with mine before, just goofing around…