How do you insert Micro SD card into side of Fuze?

It’s not clear to me how to actually insert the card and I can not find where this is explained - certainly not in the manual.  Is there a video or picture that shows proper card insertion?   Does the writing go face up and the little gold strips go directly in?   I tried this and it did not show up on the computer.  It’s a 4gb micro SD card by Sansa, I’m attempting to use on my 8gb Fuze. 

Writing face up, gold strips first thing in, the little teeth/fin toward the bottom of the Fuze.

Push it all the way in until you feel a click and it’s held by a spring. You have to push it in to release it when you want to take it out. If it hasn’t clicked in it’s not connected. 

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Rick, after you get it plugged in, scroll down thru - cripes, my wife took the Fuze with her - anyway, scroll down one of the main menus for Folders, then go into that, see if the Fuze shows internal and external storage.