How do you get to your ebox?

How do you get to your ebox? I need to get my shipping label.

Please help!

it looks like there login page is down. i contacted sandisk tech support so hopefully it will be back up soon.

to answer your question though you will need to go to and click on support. once there click on the link for other sandisk products. if you choose sansa products it will force you through a flash webpage thst is slow loading and about 5 more click to get to the same place. after you click on other sandisk products you will be at the log in page for ebox. your user name will be the email you used in the case and the password is your first name all lower case letters.

hope it comes back up soon.

well i figured out how to fix the issue. all i had to do is clear my internet history and cache. now everything displays fine and i can finally print out my label. hope it works for you as well.

I am trying to get a return label to print but can’t get where I need to go.  I just registered to set up an ebox – where do I go from here? 

SanDisk should e-mail you a msg. to your ‘E-Box’ with a link to the pre-paid return shipping label so you can print it out and attach to the package.

Sometimes it takes a few days for this to happen. How did you contact SanDisk about the return, via phone or e-mail? And what were you advised to do? Did they say how long it would take for them to send you the link to the shipping label?

if you just set up an ebox account you cannot just print a lable. you will need to send an email or call them and have them set up an RMA before you can return something.