SanDisk Customer Service - Excellent

I just had to go through an RMA procedure for my Sansa Express and I found the Customer Service to be excellent – I’m very happy with SanDisk’s Customer Service and how I was treated. The RMA procedure is very fair in my opinion and it was a very painless process.

Briann and Josh (from SanDisk Customer Service) have been dealing with me and the customer service I received from them has been excellent.

I always believe that customers should at least give the seller the chance to make things right. I hope that my replacement unit fixes the problems I have experienced.

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lucky you that had good customer service.  i did not/have not had the same experience.  i have to return my sansa but i don’t know how to find the ebox at this confusing website!!!

The eBox is quirky, but it funnels your message through a different pipeline than a regular e-mail message.

To create / access the e-Box simply click on the SanDisk logo in the upper left corner, click Support at the top, and register your sansa product. Then, should problems arrive, all you need do is log in, click support, your device listed, and Bob’s your uncle!

Remember to check your RMA or service request regularly, as a reply via regular e-mail can get lost in the mix of spam, etc.

Should you have any questions about your contact, the status of a return, a shipment, or a basic question, all you need to is click “update” from within the e-Box.

If you’re really anxious to get a quick answer, you can reference the e-Box entry as you call SanDisk if you wish.

Everything is organized, and in one handy place.

Hope this answers it!

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

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