How do you clean the scroll wheel on the Fuze?

My wheel sticks every once in a while and I’m sure it just has some did in there. Is there an easy way to clean this? or should I say is there a safe way?

I’m not sure, you may want to wait for more replies…

but what about the can of air for computer keyboards?  that might get out any dust safely.

Cleaning a sticking wheel can be quite a situation, depending upon what the “sticking” medium is.

If the medium is sugar based, as in soda, or a sweetened coffee, the sugar needs to be softened and removed. 

Remember two important laws of nature:

1. Water and electronics do not mix

2. Gravity pulls things downward

There.  The secret’s out!  If the offending material is sugary goo, moistening it will simply allow the water and goo to flow onto the electronics.  Thus, the amount of water must be kept to a minimum, lest your device be damaged.

For sugar between the scroll wheel and the case, I would try a moistened cloth (not dripping) and gently wiping the edge of the wheel.  If you have a moist cloth, the Fuze can be placed face-down on the cloth for a short time, allowing capillary action to moisten the offending material.  Remember that gravity is your friend.  If you flip the device face-up, water can and will drip onto the electronics.

To clean the gap between the scroll wheel and case opening, use business cards, and cut them into strips.  The heavy paper is great for wicking the goo out.  The key is patience.

Remember that accidents can and will happen.  If spills freeze your wheel, or trying to clean the spill makes things worse, it is not SanDisk’s fault if that soda or foo-foo latte spilled into the Fuze.  This situation IS NOT a warranty issue, it’s a learning experience issue.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

If it were me, I would spray some electric contact cleaner on a rag then test a small spot in a back corner to make sure the cleaner didn’t harm the plastic. If it didn’t mess the finish up then I would try holding the Fuze with the wheel facing down and spray some electric contact cleaner in the gap around the wheel then rotate the wheel while still facing down before the contact cleaner dries. Remember I said “If it were me”. If you try it and it screws things up then don’t blame me.:dizzy_face::smileyvery-happy:

Danger Will Robinson!  Beware “electrical contact cleaners”!

In the haste to omit CFCs, many formulations include xylene, toluene, acetone, and dimethyl-kill-u fersurinol!

Well, the solvents will rapidly bond your scroll wheel to the clear acrylic if you apply them.  The only thing I would try is 2-propanol (isopropyl alcohol) and a gentle coaxing with a card as above.

To free my own scroll wheel, I would use nothing stronger.

Bob  :dizzy_face:

I have always used ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 91% to clean things like remote buttons phone buttons camera shutter buttons…  Go slow… I go along with Bob 100% on this one! George

I had used contact cleaner on a graphic equalizer once and the sliders welded them selves to the unit… It was a ugly mess!!    

I want to thank you guys for the tips. My Fuze is two months old and the wheel locked up hard. I love the Fuze, listen to audiobooks all the time. I tried the “set on damp rag” method and it works great…for about 5 minutes, then it starts sticking again. I even left it overnight on a damp rag, face down. After around 10 such treatments it will turn, but slowly. I even tried a bit of vineger and now some alcohol added to the water on the rag. Right now it’s still too stiff to use comfortably. I picked up a Sansa Clip 1g on sale for $28 and I’m using it now. I’m going to keep this up for a few more days…then I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t remember dripping anything onto my fuze…but I have kids and they probably wouldn’t admit it if they did.

Did your wheel actually unstick after all of that? I have been doing it and it hasn’t worked yet!!! HELP!!!



For fuze lovers, whos scroll wont budge.


Ummm DO NOT CUT A BUSINESS CARD INTO STRIPS TO CLEAN! That mad my situation so much harder, it totally ripped off inside and still wont come out. I used some Hydrogen Peroxide and a Q-tip, dipped the Q-tip in a small amount of Hydrogen P dabbed it to another Q-tip to rid of excess liquid, then I pressed down on one side of my scroll so the other side would petrude a little extra and slid it back and forth and repeated until all sides were clean, now it works better then when I first bought it

Try, spraying it with a can of compressed air… it worked for mine!:smileyvery-happy:

Do not tilt the caned air!!!  You could spray liquid propellant inside the fuze and ruin it for good!!  Keep can up right and always test spray first and keep can upright and tilt the fuze only…  use the alcohol method as it evaporates and drys very fast…  Do not run unit for one hour or so just to be on the safe side…  You can dip a card or stiff paper in the alcohol to get in between… this may have to be done a few times to clear up sticky stuff… I use this for everything electronic read my above post!!  it never failed me… George

Or you can have the foresight to have squirelled away a spray can of freon 10 years ago. :wink:

Have about 1 oz left in a 12 oz can. Worth its weight in diamonds.

Very late reply, but I know a lot of people Google for help like  I do, SO:

One of my 2 Sansa Fuze units apparently got something sticky spilled on it while it was stored in a drawer without me knowing it. So, I have no idea how long it sat with goop gumming up the thumb wheel. But when I pulled it out because my other one decided it wasn’t going to do anything but white screen of death no matter what I did to it, the wheel would barely move and I could feel a sticky sheen on the case.

My first step was to wipe down the casing with an alcohol based lens cleaner sprayed onto a soft cloth to get the surface goop off. This loosened the wheel a tiny bit, but it was still sticking badly. If you look at the bottom of your wheel, there’s a little notch in the rim around it. It’s just large enough to get a dental pick (or a pin, but the dental tools are a LOT easier) into. When you insert the tool, angle it slighly away from the wheel at first and then gently rotate it toward the wheel once you’re under the edge. This should pry the wheel gently up so that you can see the lower edge of it. You can then use a cotton swab moistened (but not drippy) with alcohol to wipe the sides of your wheel. You’ll have to do it in sections and turn your wheel as you can in between . You may also need to dampen your pick and run it gently around between the center round button and the inner edge of your wheel. It may take a bit of time, but it works and definitely beats having to go buy another unit.

I’ve had my Fuze’s for over 6 years now and they’ve survived numerous drops and issues. One even fell into a toilet and came back from that just being left alone to dry in a drawer for months. LOL So I’m loathe to give up my tough little players. I’m hoping my other one will straighten up and quit giving me the white screen eventually.

The best solution that I have found is CRC QD Electronic Contact Cleaner. Does not bother plastic at all Walmart Has it in the auto depertment. It is excellent for MAF sensors too, if you cant get your ride to idle right. Sometimes you can spray it in the seam beside the wheel and let it run in, then work the wheel real good. If your wheel is sticky, you may have a sugar base in there, like someone else said. If thats the case take it apart and clean very carefully with Q-Tip and Hot Water, followed by the QD cleaner.