How do I save songs from my ITunes account to windows media player?!?!?! FUSE

Okay, the title says it all. I am so confused its not even funny, I would soooooooo appreciate it it someone could help me!!!

-how to save songs from my itunes account onto windows media player

-where do I go to download pictures into my sansa fuse?


This isn’t a FAQ or a Stickie. Post in the FUZE board and someone will probably help you.

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Not to worry, you’ve found the Fuze board.

Using iTunes (eeeewww!) you can transcode the aac files to MP3, and then import those files into the Windows Media Player library.  From that point, you’ll have happy times with your Fuze!

Another happy trick is to burn your music from iTunes to CD, then you’ll have files to transfer to your device.  I like the idea of using CD-RW disks, as the temporary storage on Rewritable CD saves disks…but the idea of having a “hard copy” of your downloaded music is a good one.

Using Windows Media player, you can check that the songs have proper ID3 tags via the “advanced tag editor” (right click on the tracks), and you can add album art before synchronizing with the device.

MP3Tag is an essential utility for checking those iTunes tags prior to loading on your Sansa, and it’s free too.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

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Are these songs you purchased on iTunes? If so, you will have to burn them to CD and then re-rip the CD into MP3 format. iTunes can be used for all of this, if you set its import format to MP3 (in Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Importing). Then you’ll find your music under your “My Documents” folder in “My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music”. You should be able to just drag this to WM Player, I suspect, and it should ignore the original iTunes music that it doesn’t recognize (I don’t use WM player so I’m not sure what it’ll do).